The classic Arabian tale of Aladdin and his ginie of the lamp. The story of Aladin tells how a poor boy Aladin got a magic lamp which changed the way of his life completely. Story characters are aladdin, jasmine, sultan, rajah , Abu, magic carpet, lamp, big ring, and many more……

Arabian knights theme


Decoration A lot of decoration can be made foe aladdin theme party.
1. Put big long pots with golden metallic color on it. Must look like metal pots.
2. Make cut outs of lamps, genie, magic carpet, aladdin, jasmine and use them for decoration.
3. Use satin drapes hanging in corners from ceiling to floor. Decorate your walls with fabric of turquoise or purple chiffon or satin.

Aladdin decor






4. Use royal look satin cushions with frills. Use golden, purple and turquoise blue colors in decoration

5. When ladies enter in party room give them disguise face veils, as jasmine. It will add an excitement among ladies.
6. Fill the room with hanging paper lanterns, votary candles, lamps and decanters.


Aladdin theme decoration



7. One can move the big furniture out of the living room and strew the floor with throw cushions so that your guests can eat in traditiona Arabian style.

8. Place an oriental carpet in the center of the room or somewhere off to the side as flying carpet is one of the magical objects in the world of the aladdin story.

9. Cover tables with the table cloths. Scatter fake jewels and gold coins on the floor.

Aladdin theme table

10. Place a genie lamp in the center of party table as a centerpiece. Fill some balloons with helium and create a balloon bouquet to tie to the lamp. Place candles around the room (consider flameless candles, if your guests are very young) and








11. One can play Persian music on continuous loop.



Ladies can wear turquoise blue color clothes. With scarf in hands, big rings, and blue hair bands.






1. Tambola game is the best part of a kitty party. Tambola with a change adds a pop in a party. These tambola tickets has been made specially for aladdin or Arabian knights theme. Everybody will love to see the ticket.

Aladdin theme games



2.  Ask the members to throw the dice, and she need to make a wish by saying genie get me number 2 or 3 or or 4 any number of the dice. If the number comes that lady will win. All ladies will play the same way.

4. Arrange the aladdin and jasmine dresses cut outs in right order. The member who will do the arrangement first and in right order will be the winner.
5. Make ladies sit in a circle and pass a genie lamp around the circle while you play music. Stop the music randomly. Whichever lady is left holding the lamp is out of the game but receives a small prize. Give a grand prize to the player left at the end.

Aladdin theme game







6. Disney Aladdin Jasmine Word Search Game.

Aladdin word search game




Fill small baskets or treasure chests with favors for ladies. Give out items such as girls fake jewels and plastic jewelry, small genie lamps, foil-wrapped chocolate coins, and Arabian nights story books. One can also include face veils and tiaras or small candles. Tea glasses filled with dry fruits wrapped with organza cloth and tied with sone pearl string can be a great gift.