Summer is beautiful for Rainy,
Rainy is beautiful for Autumn,
Autumn is beautiful for Winter,
Winter is beautiful for SPRING,
Spring is beautiful for all,
Because it is the queen of all season.
Happy Basant Panchami to All of You

People celebrate Vasant Panchami with great zeal and excitement. In villages yellow mustard bloom in the fields gives a beautiful look to the fields. In parks beautiful colourful flowers give a beautiful look.


1. One can use handmade paper flowers for decoration. Kites is a beautiful idea for decorating walls.
2. Decorate table with yellow table cloth, lovely colorful kites, yellow flowers, and balloons.

Basant panchami decoration


3. After doing all this table will really look absolutely fabulous.
4. Party with yellow color theme becomes absolutely exotic and lively. Yellow color denotes the spring season (Basant) and it symbolizes prosperity, light, energy and optimism and ladies will surely get the positive energy and optimism with this decorum.

5. Lotus flowers are the flowers of goddess saraswati. One can use plastic lotus flowers in terracotta pot with water in it.



Dress code Ladies wear yellow color suits, tunics or sarees. Yellow hair bands or hair accessories with yellow jootis.

 Basant panchami dress code



1. Sweet saffron rice

2. Corn stuffing patties,

3. Malpua

4. Daal Kay kababs,

5. Dahi Kay kabab

6. Aaloo besan pakoda





1. Scatter some yellow and green color balloons. Ask the ladies to grab balloons as much as they can. No snatching!!! Lady holding maximum yellow balloons will be the winner. Hostess later need to count only the yellow balloons for deciding winner.

Kitty party games


2. Take 2 bowls and fill one bowl with some colorful marvels. Ask ladies one by one to come and collect the yellow marvels from the bowl with the help of chopsticks. Lady who collect maximum marvels in bowl will be the winner.

Kitty one minute game



3. Give paper and pen to all the ladies. Ask the ladies to write down the name of the Flowers on paper in one minute time. Or one can make a list of some common flower names and jumble them up. Get print out of paper according to number of ladies and within set time ask them to write correct flower name in front of each jumbled name. Lady who finish maximum will be the winner.

4. Handmade Tambola ticket can be used for playing kitty tambola game. Kite flying is a main event on basant panchami so we can use kite shape tambola ticket for playing tambola in kitty party. Or another idea is with flowers. One can use flowers in making a basant panchami theme tambola ticket.


Basant panchami tambola ticket


One another way of tambola handmade ticket can be made using origami. It is very easy to make. One can do it at home not with much ease.

Basant panchami tambola ticket


At the back of the ticket you can paste a simple housie ticket. And ask member that we are going to play it in a different manner,,like for example when host speak number 2 the ladies will not cut 2 they need to write 3 in the vertical blank space. Similarly, like there is 12 in ticket and above 12 there is blank space then lady will write 11 at that place if host speak number 11. Below 24 there are 2 blank spaces so those spaces will be 25 , 26. When all numbers get fill in row( means no blank column left in that row) that row will be considered as gone. In the same way all the options can be played.

New ways of playing tambola

5. Make some accessories using plastic or paper flowers. Like anklets, garland, tiara, bangles, flowery draped skirt with paper. Ask lady to come one by one and wear all these accessories as fast as she can. Lady who wear all the accessories in minimum time will be the winner and announce her as the spring queen.

6.  Make some surprise gifts like who has wore flower in her hair, who has flowers in her footwears, who has flowery clothes, etc….

7. Make a list of songs having basanti or basant word in the song. Like ” piya basanti”, “rang de basanti”, patjhad saawan basant bahaar”……..etc..


Gifts to arrange in this party is easy as one can easily find so many things related to flowers, kite, and in yellow color. Flowery hair accessories, flower jewellery, flower print small purses, or anything ladies like…