This season lets do Bollywood theme party of 60’s and 70’s black and white era. Ladies will love to attend this theme.

Attire – Ask them to come in any actor or actress look of that time period.
Housie can be played in various ways.

Decoration can be done by putting posters of movies and cut outs of camera, movie role, trophies……

1). Tambola – Get this movie clip board picture and write numbers on it
There are various options on it like, Director, Producer, Cameraman, Take, Scene……

When all the numbers on director get cut then say “Director Khush hua”
Cameraman say “Ready get set go”
Producer say “picture to hit hai bhaia ”
For Take say ” no more takes shot is final”
Full house ” super duper hit movie”

Bollywood movies black and white theme kitty party




2). Game– Distribute one single sheet to each lady and ask them to write the name of the movies by looking at the picture scene of the movie shown in given paper. There are about 6-7 scenes on paper ask them that member who write maximum correct movie names will be the winner of the game.


3). For punctuality ask your members to write down various things they can see on walls related to Bollywood decoration like camera, ——-movie poster, ——-movie poster, clap board, movie role, trophie. Ask ladies to write the name of the movie they see in poster. Lady who write maximum in 30 seconds win the punctuality.

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