Bollywood theme kitty party game

This game can be played by all age group ladies. Get the photo copies of following written bollywood movies songs clue and distribute in all lady members. In one minute ask them to find and write the name of the songs. Lady who write maximum correct in given time limit win the game or lady who complete it first win the game.

1). Raj Kapoor dances in rain with Nargis

2). Walk carefully in love….. There are many cheats on the path

3). I was in love with you 100 years ago….

4). Friendship between dharmendra and amitabh that lasts forever

5). Amitabh songs with meenakshi wearing ghungroo

6). She confesses her love to Mr. India

7). A famous song on the top of the train

8). Crossing 7 seas for love

9). Radha breaks it down on the dance floor

10). Aamir khan’s father’s desire for his future

11). Life is an unknown journey, no one knows what will happen tomorrow

12). What is she hiding in her blouse?

Really intresting game and all will really love to play it.
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