Couple kitty games

1. Host need to arrange 7-8 marigold flower maala. Now call each couple one by one and make them stand at a distance of 5-6feet. Put chairs in front of them so that they could not come near. Now keep all the maalas in front of husband and ask him to put it in her wife’s neck from that distance. In the time limit if 30 seconds, the husband who put maximum maala in her wife neck win the game.

Note wife can’t touch the maala with her hand. She can only move her neck.

2. Another is call one couple at one time and make wife sit on the chair. Now husband has to stack paper glass one by one on her wife’s head. He has to stack it with full attention because once the glasses fall down he will be considered as out. The couple who stack maximum glasses win the game.

Note at one time he can put only one glass.

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