Some interesting couple kitty party games
Couple games
1). Hostess need to blindfold the husbands and then tuck some cloth pins on wife’s dress or hair. And then ask husbands to find the cloth pins tuck on there wife’s dresses. Husband who find maximum cloth pins in one minute wins.

Couple kitty party games

2). Take some cotton balls. Wife’s need to apply cream on the face of husband. Twist in the game is that the wife need to pick cotton balls with her lips and apply cream on her hubby’s face. Lady who apply maximum cream in one minute, win the game.

Couple party games

3). Collect hankies of all ladies, mix all the hankies and then ask the husbands to identify there own wife’s Hankey. Husband who does this first wins the game.

Couple kitty party games

4). Take all the ladies in another room and give a questionnaire to husbands on the dressing of there wives. Husband who fill all answers correct and first wins the game. Questions are like – what colour shoe is she earring, has she put any pin in her hair, watch in her wrist, lipstick colour, purse colour, wearing high heels or flat or medium, wearing necklace or no, how much money is she having in her purse, etc….

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