Couple kitty party games

1. Complete family Give 4 blank slips to each member and ask them to write the names of your family members on it. Write one name on each slip for example i wrote my name on first slip, husband name on second slip, son name on third slip and daughter name on fourth slip.

Now ask them to fold those slips and put all members slips in a bowl. Now take out one slip and announce the name written on it and give it to the person whose family member name it is. In this way host will keep announcing the names and will give to the related person. Couple who get all his slips collected or who grt complete his family first win the game.

2. Selfie game Ask couples to sit together and click there selfie pic. Once all clicked there pics now announce the game that couple whose pic host will receive first in his whatsapp kitty group will be the first winner.

3. Run and laugh Make all ladies sit in a line and husbands will sit opposite there wives at a distance of 10-12 steps. Now give one bindi card to each husband. Tell them thst on start of the game they husbsnds has to run toward there wives and stick one bindi on her face and then come back on his seat. But in the meantime host will remove one chair from the husband seats. So husbands need to do there wirk fast and grab one of the seat on there side. Husband who will get late in reaching and in taking seat will get out. That couple will left the game. In this way other couples keep on playing this until last couple left and that last couple left will be the winner.

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