A housie game in different way. Very intresting way of playing tambola.

Host need to distribute three tickets ti each lady. And ask them to cut numbers in each ticket differently. In first ticket member will cut +1, in second mad game or ulta pulta and in third ticket simple way but options inbit will only be pairs.

For example host announced the number 21, if in first ticket number 22 present then member will cut it because first ticket is of +1 ;and in second ticket she will check for number 12 because it is ulta pulta ticket ;and in third ticket if 21 is there with any pair she will cut it.

Similarly if your members are very good in tambola you can add one more ticket of -1. For example if number 20 is present in fourth ticket member will cut it on announcing number 21, because ticket is of -1.

You can keep normal options in all tickets, like early 7, corners, 3lines, above , below, houses and so on. Only pair ticket will be with all pair options.

Note: in this housie if number 21 anniunced members need to check numbers in each ticket because one number can be cut in all four tickets. 21 will be different in all tickets 22 in first, 12 in mad, 21 in pair ticket and 20 in +1 ticket.

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