Summer theme kitty party Tambola
Easy to make at home and conduct a superb kitty this summer.

1. Butterfly picture can be cut and use for making a spring theme tambola ticket. Left wing, right wing, centre are the rows in this spring theme housie ticket.


2. Floral theme tambola ticket, can be made by hand. First flower can be played as first row, second flower as second row, stick small butterfly stickers at corners and make them as corners, play zona in it, put numbers in centre in all 3 flowers, make it as lucky charm.

Floral theme games


3. Balloon match game – This is a simple game that would be ideal for ladies. Place small pieces of paper with numbers written on them inside balloons, then inflate and tie them.
A second set of the same numbers are also written on small pieces of paper in a bowl. Each lady is then handed a balloon to pop, usually by sitting on top of it, but she may roll or step on it. A number is then drawn from the second copy of numbers from bowl by each lady, and whoever had the balloon with the matching number inside is the winner.

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