Decoration: Host of the kitty party can use artificial flowers and fruit pictures for the decoration. For making party fun make posters like ” I love bananas”, “bananas make me feel happy”, “I am sexy because I eat healthy”…….

1. In the picture of mango write “KING OF FRUITS MANGO” in different blocks. In the blank blocks write 4 different alphabets. Like D, H,B and Z. These alphabets has been written randomly that are not making any relevancy. Distribute one sheet to each member. Now all the lady members will get a chance of rolling the dice one by one. The member lady will cut all Ds if she get number 6 while rolling dice. Others will not cut unless they get number 6. Similarly dice will pass on from one one member to another. And ladies will play next round in next round they will cut another irrelevant alphabet like all H. In this way, member lady whose all four irrelevant alphabets get cut first, will win the game and only KING OF FRUITS MANGO will remain in the paper sheet.
Mango theme kitty party games
Lady whose all the 4 irrelevant alphabets cut first will speak KING OF FRUITS MANGO and win the game. In her sheet only KING OF FRUITS MANGO will remain.

2. In this game ask all member ladies to Write name of all yellow things that u can see in this room. Ask this to write in 30 seconds, and lady who write maximum yellow colour things will be the winner of the game.

One thing host need to keep in mind is that she must place yellow colour things in room so that ladies can see and write.

3. You can also ask ladies to write green, yellow, red, white or off white colour fruits. Lady who write maximum fruits will be the winner. For removing all confusions you can ask ladies that they can write one fruit in 2 colours depending on there inner and outer colours like watermelon can be written in 2 colours red and green. For example
Red. Apple, watermelon, litchi, …….

Green. Watermelon, guava, …….
White. Apple, banana, litchi, guava, …….
Yellow. Banana, mango, …….
Or can ask ladies to write names depending upon only the outer colour of fruit.

Red. Apple, litchi, pomegranate, grapes,
Green. Watermelon, guava, grapes,
Yellow. Mango, banana,

4. Fruits spy game- in one minute ask ladiesto find and write the number of each fruit. For example count the number of bananas in the given paper and write 4 in it. Similarly number of capsicum in paper is 9 so write 9 in front of given blank space in front of capsicum. Lady who finish it first or who does maximum correct in one minute win the game.

Fruits theme kitty party games

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