Interesting game of punctuality for kitty party.

Hostess require tambola tickets and papers with numbers 1-90 written on it. Then fold and staple both the things together. Do this for as many members in the party. Now ask the ladies to write their name on the back of sheet papers. Ask them to open their papers together and circle the numbers present in their ticket in the sheet given with numbers 1-90 written on it. Remember one thing 1-90 numbers written on the sheet must be in random order. It makes the game more interesting. The person who circles the numbers first will be the winner. The number sheet can be made like shown below or can take out the print of number sheet picture.

The only thing is not to allow the ladies to unfold the sheets before the time starts. Lady who circle all the numbers first and correctly wins the game. Interesting game where only matters is luck. It’s not a brain game or any general knowledge testing.


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