Things required– big ladies hand bag, put at least 30-40 small useful things inside it. Like soap, comb, nail cutter, kaajal, nail paint, cotton balls, small mirror,……etc. Place only those things whose hindi and English both names are known and easy.

How to play – now this is one minute game. Call each lady one by one. What she need to do is take out one thing from the bag and answer it’s name in English next thing name in hindi and so on. Actually what the game is all about is, ladies has to speak one name in Hindi and one in english. This is not so easy as it looks. Play it and enjoy the masti. Maximum ladies got out because they thought of doing it fast. Lady who did maximum number correct won the game.


Really fun filled game can be played in not only handbag theme kitty party but in any theme party.



Some ladies kitty party themes

Summer theme Kitty Party

floral theme kitty party

hawaii theme kitty party

Under water kitty party theme

arabian knights kitty party theme

Lucknawi or Mughal theme kitty party

Village theme kitty party

Mask theme

Polka dots theme kitty party

Handbag theme kitty party


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