Ladies run and grab your best handbag. It’s a Funtime with a unique party theme.

Every girl loves purses and handbags. So ladies grab your purse as it’s time to party. A purse party!!!

1. Decoration can be made through by deciding a color scheme, like white and pink or yellow and white.
2. Use satin ribbons, table clothes, props in the shape of purse.

1. imageGift passing game
Read this out loud to your guests… 1. The news is out, quick send a cable, the gift goes to the lady across to you. 2. If someone wears a dress of blue, she must take this gift from you. If blue cannot be seen, it goes to the one wearing green. 3. Now green please pass on the gift to your right. 4. Dear right don’t hold it tight as u need to pass it on person in white. 5. I will now read another verse… Please pass it to the gal with the largest purse. Number 6 will say take out one gift for yourself. Make slips from number 1-6. Whatever that number holds ladies need to play with the gift according to it. In this way gift box will pass from one lady to another. And lady who get number 6 will get one gift from box. Hostess can keep gifts in the box according to the number of ladies in group. For 20 group of ladies one can keep 8-10 gifts.

2.Purse Hunt game
imageThis game may seem too simple or overdone. In the typical game you get a point for each item that you have, but in this version it’s the first person to find the item who wins. Watching women frantically rifle through their purses is what makes it funny. People will know they have that peppermint but they just can’t find it!

Come up with a list of items a woman might have in her purse. The host reads the items aloud and the first person to fish that item out of her purse gets a prize. You can also give out small prizes for each item, but then designate points to each item for a big reward at the end. Make sure it’s on a sliding scale so that easy items like wallet and keys get one point and harder ones like dog treat, pepper spray or corkscrew get more. Here’s a fun sample list. You’ll be surprised how many of these people have in their purses!

Wallet, keys, cell phone, mirror, lip gloss, foundation, mascara, deodorant, hairbrush, tweezers, umbrella, book, pepper spray, dog treat, condom, tampon, Advil, band-aid, stomach medicine, underwear, scissors, a Groupon, a stamp, a mint, a bottle of water, USB flash drive, a Rs.50 note, a menu, and bottle opener. You can also throw in a few things that require a little bit of extra effort. For example: a picture of the bride. Someone’s got to have it on their phone, right?

3.Purse theme game Keep a weighing scale on a table. Everyone had to weigh their purse as they came in, hostess need to record the weight. After weighing all the purses, the owners of the lightest and heaviest purse got a prize.





4. Another game is, everyone need to put their purse in a pile. Then each lady grab a purse that is not her own. They then had to guess who’s purse it is. Ladies who guess right are the winners.

5. Give a list of handbag logos and ask ladies to write down the name of brands that logos belong to. Lady who writes maximum brand logo names will be the winner.image















6. imageTambola ticket or housie ticket can be made using chart paper or some fancy sparkling rubber sheet, by cutting it in the shape of purse. One can use more fancy handbag theme housie ticket.  There are many more options in this category.image








For giving small gifts or winning money paper hand made purses can be used, or keep small gifts in it. Use satin ribbon for making the handle of purse. Like shown in the pic.