What comes to mind when you think of palm trees, beautiful beaches, luaus and hula dances. Hawaii and “Aloha” state. Do you know what aloha means. Aloha is the Hawaiian word meaning love. Hawaiian party is always a hit, no matter what time of year it may be, hosting a Hawaiian themed party is definitely a big successful. So throw a Hawaiian party this summer with hokitty’s low-cost Hawaiian party ideas!

Invitation card can easily be made using paper sheets as you can see in pictures. One can make flowers and leaves very easily.

Hawaiian theme kitty party invitation idea games

Dress code
Guests can wear Hawaiian-style flower print or island themed shirts, board shorts or long pants and sarongs.

1). Hawaiian luau table decorations, can de done using green chart paper, cut it as to make grass.
2). One can cut paper and make Hawaiian party table cut outs as shown in picture.

3). Make tiki bar for your photo session.
4). Use paper flower garlands for decoration.
5). Place cut outs of hawaii slippers, flowers, palm tree, pineapples, sun on table for centerpiece.

Hawaii theme kitty party ideas games
Food ideas for the party
1). Prepare fruit kebabs (fruits on sticks!) by cutting fruit into large chunks. Some fruits to try are pineapples, bananas, mangoes and papayas. Stick them onto skewers, alternating different fruits.
2). Fruit cream
3). Vegetable sizzlers
4). Potato kababs

Luau games
1). Pineapple bowling game
Set up five to ten pineapples “pins” about 15 – 20 feet away from each team. Take turns trying to knock down the most pineapples by using coconuts as bowling balls.

2). Hula dance
Make everyone stand in a circle, ask all the members to twist your body accordingly. As when host says orange twist your waist left, on apple twist your waist right, banana back, pineapple twirl your waist 3 times. Member who moves in wrong way will get out of the game and the member who keep herself till the end of the dance, will be the winner of the game.

3). HULA Outfit RELAY
Divide the members in two teams, give both teams a full hula outfit which include, Hawaiian Grass Skirt (can be made using coloured paper), hat, Flower Hula Lei Wristband, Garland, flowery head tiara. One by one, each member has to put on the full outfit, run to a marked point and come back, then pass the outfit on to the next member in line. Team whose members do all these tasks first, will be the winner team.

Hawaii hula party theme game

4). Making luau party garland

Give some cloth flowers and straw cuttings to all the members. Ask them that within one minute time they have to make garland of given flowers and straws. Make a sequence like one flower and one straw piece. Member whose garland has maximum number of flowers and straw cutting will be the winner.

Hawaii theme kitty party game


5). Word search game
Ask your members to search hawaii related words in the print given paper. Lady who find maximum words in one minute will be the winner. Words can be given in the print paper as ladies might does’nt know the words related to hawaii theme.

Hawaii theme party word search game

6). Tambola is the main part of party, so make a cute party ticket for your ladies, so that they could enjoy your party.  There are various options using which one can make hawaii theme kitty party tambola ticket. Hawaii theme is a colourful theme so use colours while making handmade tambola ticket for hawaii theme party.

Hawaii theme party tambola ticket


Hawaii theme kitty party tambola ticket


Hawaii theme kitty party handmade tambola ticket

7). Divide the members in two teams. Provide a big ball to your ladies. Make a 3-4 meter distance between the 2 teams, now what they have to do is hit the other team members standing in the line with the ball from distance made. If the ball get touch to any member of the opposite team, that member will get out. Ladies can jump up or down to save themselves from the ball. Similarly other team will get 5 chance. At last, team left with more members, wins the game. Very intresting game.

8). Hostess need to arrange a big umbrella with paper umbrella toothpicks ( stick them with cello tape) on outer part of it, place it at a distance of 2-3 meter a thermacol sheet. What ladies need to do is to pick up a paper umbrella from the big umbrella and stick on the thermocol placed at a distance. Member who sticks maximum umbrellas on the thermocol will be the winner of the game.

Very interesting theme for any season and for all. With lots of colours and decoration this theme is really a party theme.