Health is wealth.
Give healthy and fit life to your family. Make it as a theme in your kitty party and give your ladies members a healthy enjoyment.
Dress code: Ask members to wear yoga fitness clothes for the party or gym dress code. This really give a great fitness party feel. At last member who wore all accessories with clothing give her fitness queen gift too. Accessories u can include like head band, hand band, sports shoes, gym bag, towel in it and so on…..
Decoration can be handmade or put posters of yoga, healthy life.
Tambola for health and Fitness theme kitty party-

Options can be like, walk, exercise, junk, healthy heart, Yoga, Fat lady…
On early 7 option mbers need to say “early to bed early to rise,
On Exercise option Exercise Daily,
On Yoga option say ‘Yoga is the key to slimness’
On Junk Food option say ‘ avoid junk food’

On healthy heart say ‘health is everything’
Full house ‘I am slim and trim’
Full house 2 ‘Health is life’

Tambola Game2
Play this housie in 3 tickets. And make the options as shown in picture.

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