Tambola game for Holi theme kitty party

In this ticket mark all the options and distribute one sheet with housie ticket pasted on it. Mark 3 numbers as single circle in each ticket, mark double numbers as 1 pair in each ticket. All six slips have different songs written on them, so 6 single slip house. 3 double slip house as shown in pic.

Holi theme kitty tambola
And explained
1). All the single circled number is to be called…. rang birngi fuharien (all single circle numbers, should be cut in all the slips)
2). All marked double numbers is to be called- gubbare ( pairs should b cut in all the slips)
3). All the six slips has diffrent songs written on it. Sing the song written on the slip if that full slip cut.

4). 3 houses…
1)1st n 6th full slip together (have to sung the song written on joining lines)
2) 2nd n 5th full slip together (have to sung the song written on joined lines)
3) 3rd n 4th full slip together (have to sung the song written on joined lines)

Nice tambola with great effort and mind.

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