Holi games with great fun and masti

Game 1).
Things required for the game- bucket full of coloured water, some vegetables in pairs.

How to play- In bucket full if coloured water put some vegetables in pairs. For example- 2 tomatoes, 2 lady fingers, 2 brinjals, 2 carrots, 2potatoes etc.
Now call member one by one and ask the lady / member put her hand in bucket and pick any vegetable. Next time she has to try to complete the pair of that vegetable. Give all ladies 40sec time to each. Lady/mber who bring out maximum pair of vegetables in specified time limit will be the winner of the game.

Game 2). There are many songs in bollywood that have colour name in it. Below is a list of bollywood songs with colours names as blank. Members have to fill up those blanks with correct colour as it is in the song.
Twist in the game is that host will give each member a set if coloured sketch pens and members have to write the colour with the same colour sketch pen.
For example first song is
–——— aasman so gaya
Answer is Neela, so mbers will write with there blue colour
———— aankhen Jo Teri dekhi
Answer is kaali, write it with black sketch.
In this game host need to give one proper set of sketch to each member as the game is of 1 minute for all.

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