Ladies will really love the idea of safari or jungle kitty party.
If you have become bored by sitting parties, where the friends only come eat and play, then look for some new and enjoyable theme that your friends will enjoy completely. Want something that ladies can easily relate to, and is not too expensive, nor too difficult to prepare. If you’re thinking on these same lines, come and prepare this adventurous jungle party for all your friends.


Safari theme


Dress Ladies can wear green and brown color clothes or animal prints, handmade masks, horny hair bands and carry a big hat. Pants or capris of brown or green color will really give a look of shikari.


Venue Décor: Try to get your hands on animal figurines, both large and small and decorate the venue with them. You can also add foliage to the corners of the room. Use Latex balloons of green and brown colors. Use cut outs of jungle leaves and animal face cut outs for decorating party room.

Animal party theme kitty party


Safari theme decoration

Ladies can also make and use handmade cut outs of leaves for safari theme party invitations.



Handmade invitations are the best part of now days parties as it give a personal touch and importance to each and every guest. Creative jungle invitations can create an excitement before party begins. So  here some ideas for invitations







Safari-theme-party-game1. Making face masks of animals with paper cut outs will be great hit. Host need to put particular cut outs, glue, googley eyes, elastic thread. Give 5 minute time for making. Group who make there masks first and completely will be the winner. After making the masks lady need to wear it and say ” lion is ready for pouncing” or “elephant is ready”.



2. Scatter blown balloons in the room, it should be one less in number than the number of ladies. Tell all participants to stand in the centre of the room and play music. The moment the music stops, the ladies have to grab one balloon. Whoever has not managed to do so is out. Anyone who bursts the balloon will also be out. Lady who remains till the end in game wins the game.


3. One minute gameBlow Cotton Balls Game

4 coloured cotton balls (make eyes on it with pen) for each player, a table with a demarcation line (made with chalk) running across its length, near the edge. 4cotton balls will be kept in front of each player on a table. The player has to blow off these balls to the other side of the demarcation line. Players who blow the cotton balls off the table will be disqualified. The lady who has blow off the max number of cotton balls in set time limit, wins the game.




imageHandmade safari tambola ticket can be used while playing in safari theme kitty party. Ladies will love the idea of safari tambola ticket. Different animal faces can be used on jungle leave cut outs. Like shown in pic. Kitty party with some bang!  Gifts is a large part of every party. So for safari theme party gifts related to jungle must be put on. One can keep jungle animal masks and can add safari hats with it. Or one can choose anything whatever they think best suits in particular theme party.


5. Jumble animal name words give a print out of  jumble words to all ladies. Give them the time limit of one minute and lady who makes maximum rights will be the winner.

Animal theme kitty game


6. Find your animal family by making that animal sound. Give all ladies an envelop written her family name like (mrs. Elephant, mr. Elephant and baby elephant) similarly another family can be mr. Lion, mrs. Lion, baby lion,others can be crow, donkey, dog, cat, etc… One envelop will have only one name written on it like mrs. Elephant and she need to find her other family members, only by making the sound of eleaphant similarly all members will make the sound of animal written in there envelops. Ladies who find there family first (all 3 members) and reach the decided place will be the winning team.

Gifts can be anything related to animals image. Small gifts can be like animal magnets (one set contain many pieces), animal hair bands, etc.



Animal theme gift