Kaamwaali bai theme kitty party games.

Game 1. Things Required for game- wrappers of eatable items, wrappers on non eatable items, 2 dustbins.
How to play- Hostess need to put all eatable as well as non eatable wrappers in one dustbin. Hostess need to call ladies one by one and ask them to find and put only eatable item wrappers in empty dustbin in 30 seconds. Lady who search maximum eatable wrappers win the game. Eatable wrappers are like wrappers of chips, lays, chocolates, bread, namkeens, toffee wrapper etc..
Non edible wrappers are like surf, run, vim bar, rubber, whisper, pen, etc..
Note: hostess need to put all wrappers like we throw in dustbin.

Game 2: life without kaamwaali. In this game suppose your maid is on leave for a day, write maximum excuses that you can make for not doing house work. Lady who write maximum right excuses win the game.

Game 3: things require for game- duster cloth, cloth clips, baby bottle, kitchen spatula, 4 different slips written name of these 4 things each.
How to play- ask all ladies to make a circle and give all these 4 things to 4 different mbers. Ask them to start rotation of these things in full circle. As music stops host will take out one slip out of 4 slips from bowl. If duster cloth slip comes out that lady will be out who hold duster on music stop. Put that slip again in bowl and start rotating things again in the circle. At last lady left will be the winner.
For completing game fast you can take out 2 slips in one go.

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