Give 4 different colour bangles to each member of the group. Paste slips of different tambola numbers on all the bangles. Now you start calling the numbers as we play in simple housie. For example host called out number 38, now members who have number 38 bangles can exchange there any colour bangle to any member of the house. She can give and take any colour bangle with anyone playing the game. She has to complete her set of bangles of ony one colour. Everytime the number called members having that number have to exchange the bangles.
Member can also break the set of other member by asking for her colour set bangle. The lady who collect the same colour bangle first will be the winner and can claim for the prize of the game.
It depend on host how many winners she keep. She can keep 1 winner or 2,3 or 4. It is her own choice.
This game has been sent to us by our valuable reader Ms.Sapna Garg

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