Antakshari game for karva chawth theme party.
In this game gove one pen paper to all members. Tell them that host will give one movie name to all members. Starting with that name they have to write movie names in antakshari. Each member will write movie names herself. So playes must hide there paper sheet from others.

For example- name given to all members is kabhi khushi kabhi gam. Now all menbers will start writing movie names in antakshri.
For example
Kabhi khushi kabhi gam
की का

बंटी बबली

In this way member who write all correct win the game. Set time limit if 1 minute in this game. Really intresting game. Play and enjoy. You can also play it orally. Give one chance to each lady on movie name if she speak out soon then ok otherwise consider her out.

One can play it in karva chawth kitty or at home karva chawth party.

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