Things required- Playing Cards and tambola numbers in potli

How to play– One by one game. Host will open and place 1-9 playing cards on table. On the start of time, Player will take out one number from potli of tambola numbers, do the total if number and place it on the matching playing card. For example, the number is 75, she will add 7+5=12; 1+2=3. She will place the token on playing card 3. Soon she will take out another suppose second token is 68; its addition is 6+8=14;1+4=5, place this token on 5. Token 7 will be placed on 7 number and similarly 70 number will also be on 7 number.
Lady who put maximum correct tokens in 30 seconds time limit, will be the winner of the game.
Hope the game is clear to everyone. Play this and enjoy all the fun and masti in your kitty.
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