A new way oh playing housie. Very innovative and intresting.
Take coloured A4 sheets and cut one sheet into 4 equal parts for making 4 tickets from 1 sheet. Make 15 blocks in each ticket. From tambola ticket book write the numbers in those blocks differently. Writing numbers from tambola book make writing numbers easy. Note: numbers must be written in hindi words.
For example 4 will be written as चार, 12 write as एक दो, 30 as तीन शून्य , 44 as चार चार, so on….
One thing host need to clarify is that no member is allowed to write normal numbers in her ticket. Anyone found written numbers on her ticket will be disqualified. Host will speak out the normal numbers as we speak every time. ( number speaking will be normal as we play every time)

Play it in your kitty and enjoy all the fun. Options can be made according to own choice.
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