It is an exciting pen and paper game. Very interesting.
Try this it is not so easy as it looks….

Requirements of game-
Hostess need to get print outs of the page as shown in the picture. Or one can make it easily at home. Nothing much difficult in making. You can make this game according to the theme of party, by pasting pics or stickers related to theme on sheets or by cutting it in any particular shape.
For making more tough you can ask ladies to write meanings according to the the party theme props. For that you must know the answers first. For example party theme is Hawaii theme then for letter U one can write छतरी because in Hawaii theme umbrella is in use. Similarly for P one can write अनानास़ ़for C write नारियल


How To Play-
Give ladies time limit of 2 minutes or 90seconds to write down in paper.
What ladies need to do is they have to write meaning of the word in Hindi in circles given. For example M is for Monkey, but she will write बंदर. Similarly G for girl she has to write लड़की or for goat write बकरी .

Lady who fill up maximum correct wins the game.
It looks as it is very easy but once you start doing it become more and more difficult.
We played it in our kitty and everybody enjoyed it. Answers written by girls were really awesome. We all laughed a lot.
All ladies really appreciated this game. Play and enjoy the fun in your kitty party……..
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