This game is the Winner of March contest written game sent to us by Mrs.Reema from Ghaziabad.
This game can be made according to any theme. If kitty theme is on some particular colours then take print out of paper on that particular colour sheet. It is really an awesome game on bollywood songs. A short story written with hindi movies song lines in it. ( songs can be added according to theme too). Get the print out of the paper according to the number of members in group. Fold each of them and distribute one to each.
Give instructions about game to all the members before they open there page.
Ask ladies to find out the maximum bollywood song lines from the given printed paper in one minute. For example
First song in the paper is ‘yun hi mil gaya’; second song id ‘pahli nazar mein’; third is ‘ dee wabi mastani’ fourth is ‘salaam e ishq meri jaan kabool’….. Lady member who find maximum correct lines win it. Ask ladies to underline song names or circle them.

Very interesting and an awesome game.
Answer sheet of the game can be seen here :

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