Can be played as punctuality or a regular. It is the choice of hostess.
Things required- no things required

How to play – Ask all members to make a circle and what they have to do is all member need to continue the counting. It is the member choice she can speak one number, two numbers or three numbers. Member on whom 20 will come be out. For example when we start game first member said 1,2 second will say 3, third said 4,5,6 fourth said 7,8 fifth said 9, 10,11 sixth said 12,13,14 seventh said 15,16 eighth said 17,18 ninth will say 19 and tenth member get number 20 on her. In this way she will get out. Then eleventh member will again start from number 1. In this way the game will continue until last 2 members left. First and second winner.

Note: Members can speak only 3 numbers not more then 3. It is members choice whether she speak out one number, 2 numbers or 3 numbers. It is her own choice.

Really interesting game try it at home and see how interesting the game is.
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