Activity game

Requirements of the game
A small cushion or soft toy according to the theme of party, music

How to play
It’s a circle game. Make ladies to stand in a circle and remove there footwear just behind where they stand. Then play the music. Take one cushion and ask them to rotate it in circle. Play it like passing the pass game. Ladies are also required to move in the circle. Then hostess will stop the music and check the position of the lady holding the pillow and the footwear in front of which she is standing will get out.

Keep it in mind that lady will get out whose footwear are in front of lady holding the cushion.

Interesting game. Just for ladies…… Enjoy the fun


Some ladies kitty party themes

Summer theme Kitty Party

floral theme kitty party

hawaii theme kitty party

Under water kitty party theme

arabian knights kitty party theme

Lucknawi or Mughal theme kitty party

Village theme kitty party

Handbag theme kitty party