This is a game which can be played in any theme kitty. It suits judwa theme kitty party, valentine theme kitty party or pair theme kitty party.

Things required: get the print out sheets of below image according to the number of members on the group, pens

How to play: ask members to find and circle the item pairs with numbers in the given sheet.
Give 30 seconds time limit in this game. For example salt 1 and pepper 1, 2 bread 2 butter, 3 paani 3 puri, 4cup 4saucer, 5folk 5knife, 6tea 6coffee,……. Milk buiscuit, cold drink fries,

Note: Also instruct members about negative marking, that every wrong pairing will be counted as -1. Right pair will be +1.
Member who get maximum points will be the winner.

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