Karva chawth kitty party game
All members will love to play this love words game. Give this print out sheets or hand written photostat sheets to all members and tell not to open till they are instructed to open it.
What members need to do is find and write the correct words from jumbled words.

All these words are related to the love names for there hubbies. Like what girls call there husbands with different names. Like sweetheart, jaanu, handsome, honey, sweet boy, prince, charming….. and many more.
In the picture shown all jumbled words with there answers written on it has been shown.

So ladies what are you waiting for. Write it down and play it with your friends. Member who write maximum correct win the game and can claim for the prize.

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This game has been sent to us by our reader, she played it in her kitty party and enjoyed this alot.