Game that can be played in couple kitty as well as ladies kitty party.
A very interesting activity game.
Game requirements-
2-3 rubber balls that have a good bounce,
a cloth for tieing on waist( it can be dupatta) ,
a big bath mug.

How to play.
Each lady will get a chance one by one. What ladies need to do is tie the dupatta on her waist and hang bath mug in it. Now lady has to bounce the ball on the floor and without touching, either ball or mug, try to put the ball in the mug. Lady who does maximum in one minute wins the game. Really very interesting game. We played it in our kitty and members really done very well winner got 16 times ball in the mug. All members laughed and joked a lot on this game.

Real fun game. Awesome game try and play it in your kitty.


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