A FUNNY one minute Game.

It is an activity game
Hostess requirements
Housie board, housie numbers, make 3 slips and write

Dil to bacha hai ji in first slip,

in second write Ye jawani hai deewani,

in third slip write Budha hoga Tera baap.

How to play-
Call ladies one by one and ask to take out one slip out of three. If Dil to Bacha hai ji comes then she has to put 1-30 numbers of housie on board in one minute and if Ye jawani hai deewani comes then she has to 30-60 numbers on board similarly if Mujhe Buddha mil Gaya comes then put 60-90 numbers on board in one minute.
Winner- lady who put maximum numbers on the board in one minute will be the winner of the game. Play the game and see how much the ladies laugh and enjoy in your kitty.

Full of masti game………


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