Kitty party tambola with twist.

1..Handmade Tambola ticket can be used for playing makar sakranti or lohri kitty tambola game. Kite flying is a main event on makar sakranti, so we can use kite shape tambola ticket for playing tambola in kitty party.

Basant panchami tambola ticket










One more way of kite tambola handmade ticket, it can be made using origami. This is very easy to make. Host can easily make it at home.

Basant panchami tambola ticket
At the back of the ticket you can paste a simple housie ticket. And ask member that we are going to play it in a different manner,,like for example when host speak number 2, the ladies will not cut 2 they need to write 3 in the vertical blank space.

Similarly, like there is 12 in ticket and above 12 there is blank space then lady will write 11 at that place if host speak number 11. Below 24 there are 2 blank spaces so those spaces will be 25 , 26. When all numbers get fill in row( means no blank column left in that row) that row will be considered as gone.

New ways of playing tambola

In the same way all the options can be played.

Really very intresting game. Play it in your kitty party and enjoy all the fun
For making tambola more intresting host can ask members to say following lines on completion of options.
Kapoo che…
Maja apna tej hai
Tilli k laddo
Paech lad

Firki lapet

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