Lucknow, the eternal city of Nawabs, is one of the most charming and captivating city of India. City famous for tourism, rich culture, tradition, heritage, and larger than life royalness. A city that has a magical charm, a charm that’s forever and a charm that’s apart. Be it the cultural charm or the monumental one, all are well conserved here to make Lucknow ” The city of many splendours”. Having a lucknawi theme of your kitty party is indeed a great idea.

Lucknow theme is full of vibrant colors and culture. This theme will be more meaningful if you plan your kitty near summers.

When guests enter the room sprinkle some gulab gal ‘itr’ on them.
1. Give your party room a royal look, by putting plain satin sheets, round pillows, colorful cushions and hanging drapes from ceiling to floor.
2. Decoration-theme-partyPut small jharokas with tea lights under them on table with some raat ki rani gajras for each member.






3. One can keep qawaali caps, hookah, hand gajras as props on table for photo shoot.


ladies can wear there best anarkali suits with some lucknawi accessories like chapka ( on head side), jootis, big round ear rings, nath, heavy anklets, broad bangles (kadas), big cocktail rings, etc…….
Lucknawi theme dress code





Lucknawi jootis, big ear rings, heavy anklets. Host can give hand gajraas and lucknavi qawaali caps with feather in it. While photo click these props will look great and all ladies will love to wear those caps and wrist gajraa.


In food lucknawi preparations like –

1. Tunde-ke-kabab
2. Rahim-ke-kulche nihari
3. Kababs at Akbari Gate
4. Ram Asrey ki malai aur lal leda
5. Raja-ki-thandai
6. Parathas naans
7. Sharma-ki-chaat
8. vegetable biryani
9. Faluda kulfi
10. Maal pue





1. Lucknawi-theme-party-gamePaan making : give around ten ingredients that paanwaala use while making paan. Each lady need to come one by one and ask het to make maximum number of paans by adding all ingredients in it. Set time limit of 1 min. For humour you can put a pagdi on the lady who has her turn, as she should look like a paanwaala.







2. Bangles safety pin chain – ladies need to make a chain oh bangles by using bangles and safety pins. One bangle one safety pin. Longest chain will be the winner.

3. Aadab or salutation has its own sophistication and style in lucknow. On this, We have a team game here for you. Make 2 teams and their captain and put a sheer curtain between the two teams. From each team, one member will change her voice and say “aadaab”. The other side team

bers have to guess and try to recognise the voice and respond to her saying “aadaab with the name of lady”( for example aadaab nidhi). Team who get maximum rights will be winner.

4. Handmade tambola ticket will add more fun in this theme. There are all famous things of lucknow in the ticket. ‘Itar’ or perfume, paan leaf and jewellery. Ladies will love to play tambola on this handmade ticket.

Lucknawi theme tambola ticket


5. This is a city that still speaks the language of “aap-janab , the dictum of “pehle aap” is still a part of everyday life for a true Lakhnawi.
Make all ladies sit in a circle. Play the music and start circulating a big box containing some gifts with a slip on each gift. Whenever the music stops the person who is having that box will take out one gift from it and read the slip over it. Slip could be like” pass the gift to your left” or ” give the gift to your right side lady” or ” keep the gift yourself” or “put the gift back in box”, or “give the gift to 3rd right to you”……… While giving the gift the lady has to say “pahle aap”. Play this till all the gifts get distributed. GREAT GAME!!!!

Gifts can be wrapped in small lucknawi potlis.



A Royal theme for a rocking ladies kitty party.