Mad game

A very interesting and funny game with full of entertainment. Ladies just play and enjoy the fun.
All ladies need to stand in a circle and the hostess will randomly ask some questions to them. Now the members playing this game has to give irrelevant answers to the questions being asked. All Ladies need to answer like a mad person. For example if hostess ask a member ” tumhara naam Kya hai” she has to give irrelevant answer to this question like ” mein sunder Hun” or ” ye Chair hai” or anything but not related to the question. If she gives relevant answer related to question or say don’t know or is blank on the question she will be out of game. Just Play it at your home and see how entertaining the game is. Everyone will become mad with laugh….

In this game hostess power to ask questions frequently to the girls, matters a lot as she has to ask questions fast. Questions can be like anything
Tumhara naam Kya hai
How many kids u have
In which party u are
Where is ur husband

What is ur favourite dish
Why u wear jeans
Where is ur place
Anything hostess can ask

Answers must be mad answers not related to the question in any sense. Wrong answer to the question like suppose ur name is Ruchi and you answer ” my name is jasmine” Then also u will be considered as out because you answered related to question. Your answer must be a mad answer.

Play it in your kitty party and enjoy the fun!!!!!
Only thing members need to keep in mind is that the answers they give must be like mad answers. Answer the question as if you have not heard the question. See the fun ladies will enjoy.

Can be played in any kitty party theme. As it is a general game that can be played in any theme kitty party.

This game can be easily played in Our most popular kitty party themes are like floral theme kitty, summer theme kitty party, under water or ocean park kitty theme, village theme kitty party.