Dancing all ladies,
feathers, beads & masks
what more do we need
to have a blast

A masquerade ball party is a special event in itself with elaborate dresses, rich food, piano music, and mysterious masks!

Invitations can be cut in the shape of an eye mask and decorated with sequence, glitters, feathers, etc. Make some interesting masks to paste on the front page of the Invitation Card.
Popular colors for masquerade party invitations are purple, black, green, golden and silver.

1). Decorate your Party venue for a masquerade party with masquerade masks. Hang them on walls and place them on tables as centerpieces. Cut out large shape masks with color papers and put them on walls in party room.

Mask kitty party decoration


2). One can use velvet ribbons in purple, blue, green and golden colors to cover the entrance, pillars, staircase, etc.
3). Avoid harsh lighting, use dimmers wherever possible. Hanging lanterns is also a good idea. Accentuate with candles placed safely. Try creating a focus on the dance floor.
4). When ladies arrive in proper dress up for the party, provide a collection of crowns, tiaras, boas, masks, feathers, etc. Encourage the ladies to accessorize and pose for a photo.Mask kitty party table decor


Dress code
Ladies need to wear long dresses for the mask kitty party, preferably, gowns.

1). Before ladies arrive the hostess need to plant several feathers all over the party room in different locations. When the ladies enter the party, ask them to lookout for these feathers and collect them. Set a time limit for feather search. As the set time ends, call all the ladies and count there feathers. Lady who collect maximum feathers and put all those feathers on her mask with cello tape will be the winner.

Mask kitty party games

2). Ask ladies to make a necklace by given beads and thread. Give a needle, a thread and 15-20 pearls to each lady. At the blow of the whistle, they have to start making a necklace of the beads that they have been given. At the end of 45 seconds, the lady who has threaded the most beads, wins.

Mask kitty party beads game

3). Laughing Game
Get all ladies sit round a table or in a circle. Ladies play it in turns to say “Ha”, “Ho” or “Hee”. Anyone who starts laughing is knocked out of the game. Keep going until everyone’s out. The lady who keeps a straight face the longest wins the game.

4). Hostess need to make a right order in which we make a burger. Divide the ladies in two teams. Then tape each note to the back of each player (burger bun 1st piece, burger bun last piece, green leaf, cheese slice, or shredded cheddar cheese, 2 tbsp mayo, onion, One tomato, potato patty). Now ladies of same team need to identify, by asking what she is. Ladies must now assemble themselves in the order the burger was made. The first team who stand in right order, wins.

5). Choose several characters (from fiction) that are masked. This can be anyone from Batman, superman, Spider-Man, animal face mask can also be used, You need to have enough characters to match up to each guest. When your guests arrive at the party, select a character at random (without them knowing) and pin it to their back. The objective is they need to guess who they are by asking other guests and then search there face mask in the same party room. It can be hidden anywhere on walls, chair backs, anywhere. The first person gets a prize.


6). Divide the ladies in 2 teams and tie balloon on right foot of each lady. Now give mask to all ladies and ask them to burst the balloons of other team members, using left foot. Ladies need to put there hands at there back, as hands cannot be used while playing this game. Hostess you don’t forget to mark the masks of different teams. Like masks for team one write team1 at, in side of the mask. Write team2 for team 2 masks. So that at the end of team hostess could find, the winning team. Ladies will get confuse in recognising the members of there own team due to masks they wore. Great game!!

7). Now the very important game of every kitty party and that is tambola. Tambola for mask party must be played on mask. Use 3 type of mask for making this ticket, feather mask, batman mask, pretty pink mask, purple mask.

Mask kitty party tambola ticket


Glitter Candles,
Glitter Crown glasses,
Key chains with mask designs,
Feathered Headband,
Magic masquerade photo album,
Masks and beads personalized gift boxes.