Holi is approaching…. Let’s do Holi kitty party with lot of new games and ideas.
On entering the kitty party hall give colourful pagdi and patka to all lady members. Do not forget to apply little gulaal on there cheeks too.

Game 1..

Host need to give blank paper and pen to all ladies and ask them to write a romantic love letter to there husband using colour names. For example …..

Mujhe aapke kaale kaale Baal bahut ache lagte hain, aap par yellow shirt bahut hi Achi lagti hai, aj jab aap mujhe brown coat Aur green shirt mein red rose dene aaye tab aap bahut ache lag rahe the….etc.
Lady who use maximum number of colors in her love letter written in one minute time limit will be the winner. Explain this before starting that repetition of same color os not allowed.
In end ask everyone to read other member love letter.. This thing is most enjoyable and laughing…..

Game 2..

Give paper and pen to all ladies/members and ask all to write maximum famous monuments or brands that have colour name in the given questions. For example:
One historical monument: Red Fort
Religious place in punjab is: Golden temple

One leading hindi newspaper in punjab: punjab kesari
One famous phone brand: blackberry
Name of Whisky: black label
Name of Show Polish: cherry blossom
A cosmetic Brand: Blue Heaven
A vegetable name: green chilli
Famous name of sea: Red Sea
A directory: yellow pages
And many more….

Give time limit of 30 seconds for filling the answers. Lady who write maximum win the game.

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