तू कितनी अच्छी है तू कितनी भोली है
प्यारी-प्यारी है ओ माँ ओ माँ
ये जो दुनिया है ये बन है काँटों का
तू फुलवारी है ओ माँ ओ माँ
तू कितनी अच्छी …

Let’s celebrate women and Mother’s Day in our kitty party. Mother’s Day means finding ways to show appreciation for mothers with gifts, notes and by incorporating the men and children who appreciate all what the mothers of the congregation do.

1). One can easily decorate the party room with balloons. Hostess can decide the colour of her own choice and put the balloons and decoration according to it. Yellow, pink, green any colour..
2). Paper streamers can be used for decorating walls.
3). Use our styrofoam cup hats as party table centerpiece as our theme name is ” Hats off to MOMS”. Or one can make them at home also.


Ask ladies to either dress up like there mother in law or as a kid. It is very funny but humourous. All ladies enjoy this dress up.



1). Divide the ladies in two teams. And ask them to write maximum Bollywood songs related to mother. Team who writes and sings maximum songs will be the winner team.
Songs are like-
Ma da ladla wigad gaya, Mumma, maa (taare zameen par), Maye ni maye, Maa oh meri maa, “Amma dekh haan dekh, Kushiyon ka din aaya hai, O mummy mummy, Tu kitni achhi hai………

2). Word search game – it is a pen paper game, that ladies can solve in a given time. Search the given words related to mother, from the given paper in a one minute time limit.

Mother's Day games



3). Mom maze game for punctuality. Lady who complete the path first wins the game.

Mother's Day kitty party games

4). My mom is – write 6 single words describing your mother and lady whose words match maximum with your given flower, in which words are already written then she will be the winner of that game. Words can be like- beautiful, intelligent, kind, happy, lovely, amazing, marvellous, cute…….

Mother's Day kitty games

5). Housie or tambola can be played with our “hats off to moms tickets“. You can make these hats with styrofoam cups and plate. Very easy to make need some creativity and patience.

Mother's Day tambola ticket

Second way of playing tambola on Mother’s Day is just make ticket as shown in pic or get print out of the pic. Ask ladies to write three numbers on each object. On crossing all numbers on lipstick just say “gifted lipstick to my mom,”, “flower for my mother”, “dress for my mother”, “happy Mother’s Day to all”. Very interesting and humorous. Must try!!

Mother's Day bingo tambola



Can make bingo tickets as shown in pic. In bingo what you need to do is think about 50-60 mother related words and like tambola ticket write those words instead of numbers. Make folded paper slips of those words also. Like tambola speak those words instead of numbers. If need any help please email us.


Gifts for Mother’s Day can be anything whatever women like. Mothers Day photo frames, Mother’s Day quotes.