Kaamwali bai theme kitty party is a very intresting kitty party theme. Full of masti and fun. Make and Play games on your housemaid and housework.

Make tambola as shown in picture and make options as-

Write 3 numbers on each work of baai Options are-1). mein sirf kapde dhoungi, sukhaungi nahi
2). Mein sirf bachche ko rakhungi, potty saaf nahi
3). Mein sirf ghar Kay logon ka khana banaungi, mehmaano ka nahi.

4). Mein safai mein dhyan kam Aur baaton mein Jyada rakhungi.
5). Mein sirf bachchon Kay kapde iron karungi, badon kay nahi
6). Apne manoranjan Kay liye tv, mobile jarur chahiye.

Full House- mein ho sirf sabse Achi kaamwaali bai sabit houngi
Second house- Mein hun baai number one.

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