This is really funny and an awesome game. You must play it with your full mood.
Things required – host need to arrange old newspaper of same quality paper.

Play- Now give one page of newspaper to each member. And ask them to place it on the floor and tear it with there feet. You can play this game one by one or in a group or in pairs. Or play it in your couple kitty party.
In couple kitty party ask husband and wife to stand back to back by holding hands and on the start tear paper fast with feet.
Winner will be the lady/couple who tear paper in maximum pieces.

Very funny game. Must play it in your kitty. Note if you are playing it as couple or pair then ask members not to leave the hands. If any pair leave there hands they will be considered as out of game. Keep time limit of 30 seconds for playing this game. We played this game in iur kitty and it was really really a great hit.

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