This is really a superb game for kitty party or birthday parties for kids.

Things required; make a board with 1-25 numbers written on it randomly. Make black circle under any five numbers. Housie numbers 1-25 in a potli. Image shown is not full image of the board so please make 5 columns horizontal and 5 columns vertical.

How to use it- call each member one by one and ask her to take out one number from potli and place it on board, if she get number of black circle she gets out. And the numbers she bring out before black number will be counted.

For example- member get number 11, she will place it on board, now she get number 8 again she will place it on board, now again she bring number out, suppose she bring number 9 which is a black circle number. So on this number she will be out and numbers on board will be added like 11+8=19, is her total. Member who get maximum total will be the winner of the game.

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