New Holi Games for Kitty Party

Game 1:

Things required for game:
A bucket with full water, one empty bucket, pichkari, water balloons.
How to play:
This is a pair game. In one minute one lady/ member need to fill water in pichkari from bucket and then fill water in the balloon with pichkari. Other lady will run and put the balloon in another bucket kept at a distance of 6-7 feet. Pair who fill maximum balloons in 1 minute time and run and put in empty bucket win the game. Note: Only those balloons will be counted that will have proper water in it.

Game 2:

Things required for game: A plate having 7 different holi colours in it.
This game can be played as a punctuality game also.

How to Play: When members enter the party hall, ask them to dab there fingers in any 3 colours in the plate and apply that 3 colours on there cheeks too. Host will already give different numbers to all the colours, that only she know.
When all members done, then disclose the numbers given to the colours, and ask them to add up their total numbers access to the colour of their gulals.
Lady with maximum total number win the game.
This game is really intresting and give a real feel of holi with colours.

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