This is really a funny game, can be made according to any theme by changing the things we are using for example here we are taking water balloons, in valentine I can take little hearts. This can be changed according to the theme of party.

In this game ladies have to place water balloons from number 1 to number 6 by playing dice. For example lady start the game and roll number 2, she will place her balloon on number 2 she will again roll the dice now it comes number 3: she will take her balloon to number 5, on next roll she get number 6: on this she will take new balloon and place it directly on number 6, on rolling dice again she get number 4 : now she will take another balloon and place it in number 4, on rolling again she get number 1 : this time she will take the balloon kept on number 5 to number 6 . In this way u have to play this game.

At last only those balloons will be counted that teach number 6.
It is really intresting.
Keep a time limit of : 1 minute for playing. In one minute lady can roll her dice any number of times. She need to play this game fast…. As fast playing means more chances of rolling the dice. Lady who place maximum balloons on number 6 within given time limit win the game.

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