Can be played in any festival or ladies kitty party. Host need two tambola boards. One is required for placing the announced numbers and on second board she need to stick 40-45 bindis on its numbers randomly. To make game short, host can play this game, with first 50 numbers of housie too qnd place bindis in only 1-50 numbers of board. Now the host will speak the numbers. The board with bindis or dots will start circulating among all the members. If the announced number has bindi on it, the member will take that bindi and will stick it on her hand, and will pass the board to next member. If there is no bindi on the number, member will pass the board to the next member.

Till all the numbers get announced the board will keep on circulation. Winner will be that member who has maximum dots on her hand.
Note: to make game according to theme Host can also stick small stickers related to theme, instead of bindis.

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