It is a new and different way of playing Tambola.


It is a different type of housie. Hostess can make this Housie ticket according to the theme of her kitty party like for floral theme in which she can make different colour of flowers similarly for village theme one can make village things like hut, well, village girl, clay pot etc. we played it in vacation theme with train ticket.

Now comes how to play it.
In this housie, a single ticket will revolve around in the members. Hostess will call the number like simple housie. Now suppose you have ticket in hand and the number announced is in the left compartment (yellow) then the person who is sitting left to you will get rs. 10 from host, if the number cut from right compartment( green) then the lady sitting right will get rs. 10 and if the number cuts from the middle compartment ( orange) then you will get rs. 10. Number From red engine is house. Person who will cut last number from any compartment will get full house. In this way on each number ticket will be handed to the next lady sitting beside.

The amount of rupees or gift, hostess can keep rs. 5 or rs. 10 on each number, according to the total amount. Houses you can keep all compartments including engine.

Hostess can also write numbers on the wheels of train.

In Floral theme Hostess can make different flowers in different colours.
Similarly in summer theme one can make Summerish things like umbrella, hat, ice cream, juice glass etc.
Hawaii theme one can go for Hawaii theme related paper cut outs.

Ladies play this in your kitty and enjoy the unlimited fun…………..