A new way of playing tambola by creating a market of gifts, once they get finish from table, then snatch it from other members by remembering who is having which item.

An interesting way of playing tambola is to create a market. Put some( 10-15) confectionary or cosmetic items, of different amount which depend on the gift money of tambola. Ask members to round off any 5 numbers in there tambola ticket. Now ladies need to play with only those five numbers. Hostess need to put all items in the middle of table, so that all can view it and take it easily. Now hostess will announce the number, if anyone have rounded that number in her ticket, then she will take one item from the table. Once all the items get finish from the table, next lady whose number get cross, she can ask any member who took item before to give her that item, if that member has that item she will handover it to the lady. But if the lady is wrong she will not get another chance of asking for an item on that number. Now next number will be announced this will continue till all members get lock. A member will get lock when her all 5 numbers get cut then all items that she have permanently will be with her as her prize. Nobody can ask her for her item because she is lock now as all 5 numbers in her ticket cut.

Really interesting and funny kitty tambola. Play it and have fun. We played in our kitty and it is real fun. Keep the items according to your tambola amount. Ladies really enjoy this. Just play and don’t forget to give your lovely comments.