Summer is coming, so why not go for something summerish.
Dots are now a fashion statement; you can see high profile designers incorporate polka dots on their pieces it’s now an accessory everyone should have in their closet. Polka dot prints are very intriguing and lady like look. Its eye catching and looks sophisticated.


1). Use polka dot streamers for wall decoration.

2). polka dots pattern table cloth can also be used for giving polka dot theme look. Put dotted tissue papers.

3). Polka dots big caps for photo shoot can be used.

4). Balloons with dots is a great idea for decorating party room.

Polka dot theme kitty party decoration
Dress code – For younger woman choose mix color polka dotted prints, it will give you a fresh, stylish look. For older woman go for a more black, beige, navy dotted color to look more sophisticated and chic. For shoes you can pair them up with cute print pumps or wedges and a clutch bag, to spice up the outfit. When wearing spots try keeping accessory simple, you don’t want to overdo it! Any woman can wear and look great in polka dots you just need to know how to match your outfits and keep accessories simple and you will be good to go! However you choose to wear polka dots this spring season, the key is to have fun, be playful, sophisticated and chic.

1). Cut small circles from paper sheet of different colors say 5 colors, stick them on a board and ask lady to write a name of the color of the polka dot that they liked from the board. Make the teams according to the color selection. Now ask the each member of first team to unstick one polka dot each, from the board and see how many points written on it. The team who get maximum points will be the winner. There can be plus points and can be negative points. So don’t think that one team has more members and other team less members. Intresting game, luck play.

2). Take round marbles of different colours of equal number and ladies has to grab the maximum marbles of that particular colour from the pot. Without looking inside the pot, they just need to put hand in pot and take out maximum marbles of it. Count the marbles of the colour that lady had chosen. Lady who gets maximum marbles will be the winner.

Polka dot theme kitty party game
3). Handmade tambola ticket can ce made as shown in picture. Pink, white, blue, green polka dots. Full house say I am polka dot queen, all polka dots are mine.

Polka dot kitty party handmade tambola ticket

Second type of ticket can be made by taking print out of all the women accessories with polka dots on it. Hostess can take out the print out of following women accessories, and use it as a tambola ticket with different options.

Polka dot kitty party tambola ticket

4). Hostess need to make some polka dots flower with ribbon, put all those flowers in a tray. Now call one member at one time and ask her to pin up as many flowers on her own dress as she can in one minute. Lady who put maximum flowers wins the game. Pin ups must be properly closed.

Polka dot party game

5). Dice game Take 2 dice and ask ladies to roll both dice together, lady who get same number on both dice wins the game, but if 2 or more ladies get both dice same number, then go for higher number. Lady who gets higher number on both the dice wins the game.

6). GRAB your gift- Hostess need 5 – 10 small wrapped gift prizes and TWO decks of cards. Wrap all the gifts with polka dot paper wrap. Ask ladies to sit in a circle. Pass the cards from the first deck out to all ladies, giving everyone one at a time until all the cards are gone – a few might get more cards than others do. Now take the second deck of cards and call out each card as you pull them from the deck. The lady that holds the matching card from the first deck of cards stand up and pick a prize, continue until all the prizes are gone (this will take 5-10 cards depending on the number of gifts). The FUN begins with the remaining cards of deck two! Everyone can now STEAL THE GIFTS from each other. You can steal a gift from anyone else who holds a gift when a card you hold is called. When the complete second deck of cards has been called out, the people with the gifts keep them.


Gifts for polka dots kitty party can be anything related to ladies accessories with polka dots on it. It can be small clutches, scarf, bangles, hair bands etc…