A unique theme for kitty party. SHAPES theme kitty for ladies.

Shapes theme is so very different but intresting and unique kitty party theme. As there are different shapes triangle, circle, oval, square, rhombus, octagon…., try to place games of party around it.
Decoration can be made with streamers and paper cut puts of different shapes. One can use Some Balloons too.

1. Punctuality game can be played with match sticks. Ask punctual members to make shapes using matchsticks like triangle – 3 sides, square – 4 Sides, Pentagon – 5 Sides, Hexagon- 6 Sides, Heptagon- 7 Sides, Octagon- 8 Sides, Nonagon- 9 Sides, Decagon- 10 Sides. Lady who will make maximum shapes in 40 seconds will win the game.

2. Tambola game can be made with ice cream sticks. Make different shapes using these sticks. Triangle, square, pentagon or diamond. As shown in pic. You can write numbers either on ice cream sticks or paste paper under each shape. Write 5 numbers on each shape. Options can be like triangle, square, diamond, combination of triangle and square, combination of triangle and diamond shape, all three shapes-house.

Shapes theme kitty party

3. Hunt shapes – this is a paper game. Ladies will search and count the shapes of its type and write down there numbers. All this in a time limit of 30 seconds. Lady who does maximum correct win the game.

Shape theme kitty party

4. When ladies arrive in party put different shapes cut out on there dress. Ladies with triangle shape will make one team, similarly ladies with square another team, heart shape third team and rectangle shape fourth team. Give each team one coloured paper cut in shape of there team name shape. Like to triangle team give triangle shape paper, square team give square shape paper for making consistency with theme.

Now ask ladies to write maximum objects or things of there shape on given paper. Team who write maximum correct object names of there shape wins the game. Like triangle team will write triangle objects – pizza slice, cake slice, nachos, pyramid, roof, prism, softy cone, box, arrow head, watch dial…..
Similarly square shape objects like- carrom board, tile, kids game boards, table, bed sheet, Hankey, box, watch dial…
Rectangle team will write objects of Rectangle shape – t.v., table, carpet, mattress, watch dial, bricks, door….
Circle team write Circle objects- watch dial, wheel, car steering, sun, moon, eye ball,….
Heart shape team Heart shape- heart, pendant, table, plate, greeting card,…

Allow members to write anything whatever come in there mind. Don’t make any object shape incorrect until and unless shape of that object not possible. Really very intresting game. In our kitty girls wrote very funny and humorous answers, on which we laughed so much.

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