Small punctuality games

These small Games or guesses can be played as punctuality in kitty party.
1. Take one lemon and ask ladies to guess and write the number of seeds in it. Once u get answers of all the members cut and squeeze the lemon and count the seeds. The member whose guess right will be the winner. If there are more then 2 winner ask them to pick a counter.

2. For playing punctuality you can also check the cellphone battery of all members and mber who has maximum cellphone battery percent declare her as the winner.

3. Ask all the punctual ladies to give a miss call to your husband and lady who her call back first win the punctuality.

4. One minute game- Things Required- A bowl, straws and tooth picks
How to Play- put 35-40 toothpicks in the bowl and ask each member to suck the straw and bring tooth pick out from the bowl in a minute. Member who get maximum toothpicks out will be the winner of the game.

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