Smiley theme or emotions theme

  1. Housie – tambola ticket can be made easily. Take A4 sheet size and draw 5-6 circles and make different smiley in each circle. After making get the number of photostat copies of page according to number of kitty ladies.

Options can be like- happy, sad, crying,looking great, .,,,,,,……
You can keep combination of 2 smilies also in options and at last houses.
Smiley theme kitty tambola

2. Draw around 20 smilies of 5 different types on same size small circles and place them upside down on a table. It means host need to make 4 smilies of same type. In this way in 20 smilies 4 will be same. Give 3 chance to each lady in finding the smily host ask for. Playing member lady need to find 2 smilies of same type in 3 chance. Lady who do this in least time will be winner. But chances given will be 3 chances only.
Smiley theme kitty games

3. Punctuality can be played by giving different smily badges to all lady members and in a bowl place same type smilies too. Now just take out one smily out of the bowl and lady who has that batch with her will win the punctuality gift.

4. Take a small container and around ten smiley balls. Now ask ladies to play this one by one. What they need to do is from a distance of 14-15 feet try to put maximum balls in the container placed at that distance. Lady who put maximum will be the winner.

5. Give paper and pencil to all kitty ladies and ask them to draw different maximum smilies in 30 sec. time limit. LAdy who draw maximum in given time limit will be the winner. Host need to take care that she count only those which are neat and clear.

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