South Indian theme or chennai express theme kitty party
Dress code Ask all ladies or members to come in saree, with south indian accessories like gajra, forehead teeka, hair plat, etc..

Tambola can beceasily made at home. You can take banana leaf and paste tambola ticket on it. Paste some roli kumkum and chawal on each banana leaf and tie kalaava or moli as shown in pic.

Options you can keep according to you like
On early seven say vanekam
First line say ayio amma
Second line say Thalavia
Third line say rajnikant fan
Fourth line say mind it
Fifth line say vango

Sixth line say we all r indian
Full house say chennai express
South indian theme kitty party
We played this ticket in our kitty party.
This is really intresting and easy to make and super fun while playing.

1. Jumble words game In this game some famous south indian things name has been jumbled and ladies need to make proper word out of it. Lady who make maximum in 30 seconds win the game.

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